Mistakes That Are Keeping You Away From Your Dream Job


Are you standing at a crossroad wondering which way would lead you to your dream job? Have you uploaded your resume on all the job portals and applied to tons of vacancies, but haven’t received any calls yet? Then, it’s time you identified your mistakes and fixed these shortcomings, which are keeping you away from your dream job. Read on to find out what those mistakes might be and correct them before it’s too late.

Uninspiring Cover Letter

A cover letter is the first point of contact with employers. So what’s the point in sending an uninspiring standardized cover letter to all of them? In a day, he/she has to go through hundreds of cover letters and so it’s easy to spot your boring standardized one. One size does not fit all! Instead, customize your cover letter every time you apply for a job vacancy. Your future employer would spot your uniqueness and creative mind from the heap.

Raising the Bar Too High

Your dream job might require certain qualifications, which you might not possess at this point in time, so don’t be hasty and apply for the position if you do not have the required credentials. In all probability, you might be rejected from being shortlisted and that would only add to your disappointment and disgust. It would be worthwhile to have patience and wait for a few more years until you have the right qualifications and experience to match that job, and then you can hit the apply button.

High Expectations

Are you demanding a very high CTC? If yes, then it’s definitely not going to take you closer to your dream job. Before you think of any numbers, do a quick check to see what the others are being paid in similar job profiles. It will give you an idea about the industry standards and that will help you when you quote your CTC expectations.

Ignoring Social Media Power

Social Media has great potential, as recruiters are choosing the platform as a tool for recruitment. A whopping 93% of the recruiters use or plan to use social media as a medium of recruitment in 2015. About 73% of the recruiters have planned to invest more in social media this year. About 94% of the recruiters hired through LinkedIn while 66% hired through Facebook. Aren’t the statistics convincing enough to make your social presence felt?

Underutilizing Your Channels

You have a good network in your social media profiles and you know many of them personally, but are you utilizing this opportunity? A study by Jobvite suggests that 60 per cent of the recruiters are finding great talent though referrals. Moral of the story? Reconnect with your network and inform them that you are looking out for better opportunities. If that’s your goal, then why waste time?

Stay Positive and Dream Big

Last but not the least, always wear a positive attitude on your sleeve. Optimism and positivity will help you achieve your goals of landing your dream job. Do not be bogged down by failure and don’t stop dreaming big!

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