4 Great Tips To Write A Professional Cover Letter

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Is writing a cover letter as simple as it seems? Have you ever written a cover letter or just did a Google search for some samples, did a quick copy-paste from there and thought you are done?

The real question, however, is “Are you getting any interview calls for your dream job?” Is the answer a big “No?” Do you have any idea why it is so, even when you have the qualifications and experience?

It is because hiring managers do not get amazed with your uncreative, unimpressive and unprofessional copy-pasted cover letter. They receive thousands of cover letters, and yours is just like any other cover letter.

If you are waiting for the perfect opportunity to knock on your door, you need to draft the perfect cover letter. It has to be creative, impressive, professional and definitely unique.

How can you write a professional cover letter for yourself? We are sharing 4 great tips with you.

Choose the ‘Type’ according to the ‘Purpose’

Do you send the same cover letter for every opportunity? It is better to understand the purpose and then choose the fitting cover letter. If you are applying for a job, send an application cover letter for that specific job vacancy. For a referral, you need to send a referral cover letter with the name of the person who referred you. When you are enquiring about a possible job opening, you need to send a cover letter of interest. Send networking cover letters if it is regarding job search advice.

Format before sending

The cover letter must be formatted properly – from the perspective of both the content and the presentation. Nowadays, all the hiring managers scan cover letters through the applicant tracking system. Keeping that in mind, you need to include as many keywords as you can. It should be in line with your resume. At the same time, it should express enthusiasm while applying for a position. The fonts you use should be readable and clear. Using bullet points makes it all the more readable.

Relate your ‘Abilities’ with the ‘Job Position’

This is the place where you can stand out from the crowd. The hiring manager should be able to immediately recognize the uniqueness of your cover letter. Be specific in relating your skills and expertise with the job position you are applying for. You can talk about what the job requires and how you are the right fit with the matching proficiencies. It will also depict you as an interested and enthusiastic candidate who is ready to explore new opportunities.

Review as many times as possible

The worst mistakes while writing a cover letter are spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. This is a strict no-no. Very often, it is hard to spot these errors even if you check it a hundred times. In that case, you can ask your friend to review your cover letter as well as your resume. Also, check whether the format is correct, alignment is perfect, orientation is proper, all the important keywords are included, etc. It is better to thoroughly check it before sending it to hiring managers rather than regretting something later on.

Is Your Resume and Cover Letter Ready?

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