Are You Changing Jobs? Negotiate For The Appropriate Pay Package


So you have decided to change your job for better opportunities? As you do so, you look forward to getting the best compensation from an employer. How would you find a salary that matches your qualification, skills and experience in the talent market?

Often, as a job seeker, you do not feel like probing too much about the salary for fear of being rejected, you do not want to sound too pushy or are not confident enough to ask for it. Whatever the reason, you will definitely lose out a major part of your future earnings if you do not push for a lucrative pay package!

Talent is scarce in the market and a reputed company will be more than willing to offer you a good package to have you onboard. You have to be courageous enough to ask for a package that suits you. Do you get cold feet when it comes to negotiation? Here are tricks to approach an employer intelligently and crack a deal.

Know the Market Standards

When you are applying for a new job, always make sure you are aware of the present-day salary for that position. It is practically impossible to discuss a pay package if you are ignorant about the current market standards. Do your homework to negotiate with confidence. Talk to your colleagues and friends who are in similar positions and get an idea from them about how much you should negotiate for. They will guide you in setting an expectation at par with your experience.

Do Negotiate

If you want an enhanced salary or a substantial hike, there is no other way than to work out a deal. By failing to negotiate, you will miss an opportunity that will increase your chances of earning substantially more. Not only that, but it may also pose a problem for you to command a still higher salary if you change jobs. When you are worthy of the salary you desire, do not hold yourself back. Your prospective employer will recognize your talent and want you onboard; hence, will leave room for negotiation after the initial offering.

Be Patient and Calm

Are you blindly and impulsively accepting the initial package you are being offered? Do not give in too easily. Instead, be patient and negotiate with your employer. You need to put forth your expectations, so the employer is aware of what you are expecting. Talk calmly with the employer and present your reasons confidently about why you are totally worth it.

Meet the Employer Halfway

It is not going to help if you are very adamant and are not willing to negotiate at all. The best solution is to compromise a little and accept an offer that meets the employer’s offer halfway. Your employer might recruit someone else if you are not willing to budge an inch. Remember, you need the job just as much as the employer needs you.


During the negotiation process, tell them how you can add value to the company. Discuss with them why you deserve that pay package, how your skills and knowledge will benefit them to stay ahead of their competitors. Show them solutions to the problems they are facing as a company. You have to prove your worth to win a good pay package.

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