LinkedIn – The Ultimate Personal Branding Resource

With over 396 million users, LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional social network. LinkedIn has developed itself from being an online resume to a rich, customizable personal branding tool within short span of time since its inception.

LinkedIn as a personal branding tool

A LinkedIn profile is not necessarily meant to be a job searching tool. Most of working professionals view LinkedIn as a networking place where they can connect with similar people from various industries. This factor makes it very important to maintain a well managed and up-to-date LinkedIn profile.

Unlike a static paper resume, LinkedIn is alive and accessible to connections around the globe. The wide reach of your profile can be utilised to the maximum by making use of the tools provided in LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is your personal ad banner

LinkedIn is the first point of impression about you to a prospect. This is because, LinkedIn always lists top in the Google search results and makes your profile the most likely resource to learn more about you.

LinkedIn is your personal website

LinkedIn allows branding yourselves through the content you share with your connections. It starts with your career summary, the groups you join, the content you share in your activity feed & groups and the comments you make.

LinkedIn is genuine

Unlike a resume, LinkedIn is genuine as it is open to the web. LinkedIn provides opportunity for others to validate your accomplishments and everything shared about you. Prospects always use LinkedIn profile to reference check your data.


LinkedIn is your salesperson

Showcasing your achievements leads to opportunities which are otherwise closed on you. Using your connections and groups, you can share your talent with multitude of people which in turn creates exposure and better opportunities.

LinkedIn is your professional association

Through LinkedIn, you can connect to similar skilled and experienced professionals from across the globe. By this way you always stay up-to-date with the industry trends and learn about new developments. You meet new people and your knowledge about the industry will be widened, which will help you design your career.

LinkedIn is your Contact Management System

LinkedIn allows you to manage your contacts. You can tag and group your connections and add contact details like email and phone number to your connections, thus making it a one stop destination when you are in need of professional help.

Recent studies suggest that, recruiting will go paperless within 5 years; as per the latest trends, recruiters seek for passive job seekers who are established in their domain. All these points us to the importance of a well maintained LinkedIn profile which helps you brand and place yourselves in the competitive professional world.

How up-to-date is your LinkedIn profile?

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