Stop Using These 10 Words to Describe Yourself on LinkedIn

Words you choose to describe yourselves do make an impact.

Or do they?

Every year LinkedIn comes out with the top 10 buzzwords used by more than 396 million LinkedIn users across the globe.


Let’s think of a scenario where you choose to describe yourself as a ‘motivated professional with extensive experience and track record of results’. It is time to put you in the shoes of a recruiter.

So, what do you do with such a tag line? Would you be interested in the profile and read on? Would you skip the content and search for relevant matter? Or lack interest and discard his profile?

The tag line which you chose never makes a differentiable impact on the mind of the recruiter. This is because the words chosen are generic, clichéd and are available in 90% of the profiles they go through.

Avoiding these buzzwords has a measurable impact on your profiles. Now the question is how to avoid these buzzwords and bring the most out of your LinkedIn profile. You may consider the following points.

Replace buzzwords and tie it with results

Instead of using words like motivational, result oriented and creative, describe how you were creative, what you have achieved and how you impacted the overall performance of your team. Provide it with statistics and numbers. Seek out recommendations and endorsements from reputable sources for other people to analyse your capabilities.

Choose a profile picture that stands out

Use a head-shot that describes you professionally. Using a neat profile picture makes your profile 14 times more likely to be viewed. Make sure you portray yourselves the best in your profile photo. Focus on your outfit, your head and shoulders, and wear a confident smile.

Let your headline be your mission statement

Write a catchy, descriptive headline that makes people want to learn more about you. Use the space to distinguish yourselves from others and the difference you can make as a professional. You can come up with a powerful headline by investing some time for researching about what other similar experienced professionals are using in their profiles. The aim is not to copy them, but to learn how to distinguish you from them.

Write a summary that showcases your accomplishments

Most LinkedIn profiles lack a powerful summary; some even does not care about having a summary at all. The summary is an all important part of your LinkedIn profile as it describes you in a professional way. A good summary should be keyword rich, written in understandable language and must be short and crisp enough to keep the readers engaged and it should be written well to be informative.

What makes you stand out?

Most of us never have a definite idea about ourselves on what or why we do something as an individual and as a professional. This lack of introspection forces us to follow the crowd. A LinkedIn profile is all about showcasing yourself as a brand without using the brand words, but ultimately making the reader to correlate you with the brand words.

How up-to-date is your LinkedIn profile?

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