5 Reasons Your Resume Is Not Getting Shortlisted

We draft a resume and send it to potential employers and wait for a positive reply. But then nothing really happens. No reply and no short listing. This is an experience we have all gone through.

Ever thought of the reasons behind this?


Recruiting trends in the industry has changed a lot in the past few years. Usage of technology to sort out resumes is common these days. A computer with preset keyword recognition sorts the resumes. The first round is passed only if the resume has the keywords identified by the computer algorithms even before the recruiter sees your resume. It has become necessary to understand the keywords that are pertinent to each industry.

Not Using Right Keywords

It is necessary that, you include all the necessary keywords related to your job profile in your resume, so that the recruiter and the computer algorithm can recognize your resume. The resume keywords should be relevant to the job industry you are in. Irrelevant keywords return you irrelevant job profiles.

Complicated Formatting

Non-text attributes like graphs, tables and pictorial representations add value to your resume in one sense. If the resume is not done properly the results might be heavily negative as a computer that is screening the resume might miss the keywords amidst all the non-text attributes.  Most computer algorithms are designed in such a way that, it searches for keywords for resume short listing. When more emphasize is given on non-text attributes, the format of the resume gets complicated and the lesser machine friendly it becomes. Resumes of this kind never bypass the machine short listing.

Wrong Spelling, Grammar & Capitalization

Spelling errors, grammar and unwanted capitalization will make it difficult for your resume to get short listed. People get irritated with such mistakes and machines too cannot read wrongly spelled words.

A resume should be written professionally without any grammatical and spelling errors. Remember that too much of text can make your resume look cluttered. However, too little text is also not a great idea. Also avoid unwanted capitalization as it is hard on the eyes.

Improper Structure

Lack of structure leaves the recruiter confused. In case, your resume does not follow a well defined structure, chances are slim for it to get shortlisted. There is vital information, that should be highlighted and there are some information that are necessary but not so important.

For example, an experienced professional should always highlight his experience and skill sets in the first page, at the start of the resume, which is vital information for the recruiter. However, if he uses the same space to list out his academic qualifications, the flow of information will not be systematic. Always highlight experience before academics.

Incorrect/Incomplete Information

Providing incorrect/incomplete information in the resume reduces the chances of it getting shortlisted. Suppose you have not updated your work experience or the contact information in your resume for quite a while, job portal algorithms may start ignoring your profile and provide you with generic job results. Algorithms in the job portals always prefer, up to date profiles.

Always keep your profile and experience up to date, and your contact details correct, which will lead to better short listing.

Avoiding these common mistakes can have a vital impact on your resume. Moreover, with customized content and a clean format you can definitely improve the chances of your resume getting short listed. It is always better to get a professional writer with resume writing experience to write your resume. It gives an even, unbiased perspective to your resume.

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