Will An Infographic Resume Get You The Job?

You are your resume. A good resume makes you stand out among hundreds of other similar candidates. It is your personal branding material. It is no surprise that job seekers across the globe come up with crazy ideas to grab the attention of employers; some branded and sold themselves in eBay, some made publicity stunts with 10 feet resume almost like a billboard. All these have become passé, none are considered a new thing in the modern recruiting industry. As jobs are scarce and potentials are very high, your resume will be the deciding factor in short listing.

So, how should the resume be designed? Is a traditional resume preferred to  a graphic one? Is the look and feel of the resume a deciding factor while short listing? Many of these questions come to your mind, if you are from a creative field like designing or writing.

What is an infographic resume?

An infographic resume uses elements like colours, fonts, images and pictorial representations in a creative and attractive manner. The human brains process images faster than plain text. Graphic resumes are gaining interest in the new age job market.

Let us have a look at the pros and cons of a graphically designed resume to decide whether you really need an infographic resume.


Pros of an infographic resume

  • Visually appealing

Graphically illustrated content are visually appealing and catch the attention of the observer easily compared to a text based resume. A picture is worth a thousand words. The information on an image can be conveyed far well than what text could do.

  • Networking and Shareability

Infographic resumes can be shared to social media platforms like Pinterest and LinkedIn, which can be used to showcase your talent in a visually compelling manner. Social media has a global reach, the content gets a wide audience and better exposure.

  • Interesting

Infographic resumes may not follow a conventional resume format. This property makes it open to implement all kinds of creative freedom of the resume creator, making it more interesting than a normal resume which makes you stand out in the crowd.

  • Helps in Branding

With an infographic resume you can brand yourselves with the logos, images and colours which are matching to your industry. You can use themes related to your work field to better showcase what you do and how you do it. It can be used as a self marketing and branding tool.

Cons of an infographic resume

  • Can be filtered by Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

As infographic resumes depend on visual appeal rather than text they are not keyword optimised. Many of the recruiters use an Applicant Tracking System to filter out irrelevant resumes. Infographic resumes risk the chance of being filtered out by ATS.

  • Employers are not open to Infographic resumes

Most of the recruiters stick to the text book methodology of a professional text based resume. Not all of them are open to an infographic resume, as it looks informal and different.

  • Bad design, flashy colours and distracting shapes

If not designed properly, an infographic resume can do the opposite of what you intended to do. Using a bad design, using flashy colours and distracting shapes can distract and annoy the recruiter which creates an air of negativity around your profile.

  • Industry specific

Infographic resumes are not suited for all industries. Conservative and professional industries are sensitive to a clear format. On the other hand, creative industries like designing and media expect a graphic resume.

Do you need an Infographic resume?

An infographic resume is a good way to showcase your talents and skills which cannot be done in a traditional resume. The wider exposure through social media makes it a better branding tool. However, the same if not done properly can affect you negatively because of its wider audience.

A well made graphic resume works better for a direct job search and may not be suitable if you want to upload it in job sites.

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