7 Common Resume Writing Myths


Anyone can write a resume in his/her own way. The formatting, position and style, everything can differ from one resume to the other. However, at the same time, it is not as easy as one might think. It is after all the first stepping-stone to your dream job, and so it has to be done with utmost precision.

One mistake is all it takes for you to be added to the reject list of recruiters. Moreover, the task can become intimidating if you are not aware of certain rules or are blindly following some resume writing myths. Hence, here are the 7 most common resume writing myths you need to check before writing a resume.

Myth 1: You have to restrict your resume to one page

Recruiters do tend to reject resumes that are very long and contain irrelevant information. However, it does not mean that you have to shrink the content to fit it in a single page. In doing so, you might leave out some very important details that will cost you dearly.

Therefore, if you have over 14 years of varied experience, you will find it difficult to fit all your skills, experience, education and other details in one page. It will not only be difficult but it will also look cluttered, giving a wrong impression about you. For a fresher, a one-page resume is ideal, but for senior executives, it may have to slip over into the second page.

Myth 2: Using colors looks very unprofessional

Certain achievements need to be highlighted while others should be in plain text. You need to include a marketing strategy that functions well for a resume.

The best way to do so is to highlight your achievements by using certain colors rather than sticking only to black. Particular colors like blue, green or light pink are eye catching and can help in clearly highlighting your strengths.

Myth 3: An objective statement should be included

A recruiter has to go through hundreds of resumes each day. Resumes that start with cliché and generic words like: “Seeking a position that is rewarding and challenging” is no groundbreaking formula that will guarantee your selection.

If you are unable to create a unique career objective statement, then there is no compulsion to include one. Refrain from using generic statements in your resume.

Myth 4: You can fabricate stories to get shortlisted

Lies – white or black lies, are equally harmful professionally. If you fabricate your grades, experience, qualifications, skills, etc., it will cost you much more than you can ever imagine.

Forget about getting the job, it may lead to serious consequences. Every detail that you include in your resume is screened and doubly verified by recruiters. A good reputation is above everything else in this age of social media.

Myth 5: Your entire work history makes your resume worthy

You might think that your entire work history including your voluntary and part-time work should be included to add more value. You are wrong!

This will be relevant only if the skills required for the position match the skills you wish to highlight. Otherwise, there is no need to increase the volume of your resume by adding irrelevant work experience.

Myth 6: Adding “Reference available on request” is necessary

Even if you are a fresher, you might still have some references. However, there is no hard and fast rule that you need to add this detail. By omitting this, it will give you a little more space for adding other relevant information, which will be a value addition to your resume.

Myth 7: One size fits all

Are you applying for all the jobs with the same resume? What you must know is the same resume will not work for all the positions! Every single opportunity is way different from the other.

Skill sets vary from one job description to the other. While applying, you need to target one job at a time. Include the skills and keywords required for that particular job and omit irrelevant ones.


As stated earlier, resume writing is not easy. You need to keep in mind many things including formatting, the number of pages, the words you use, etc., to create one that will open the doors of opportunities for you.

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