A Professionally Written Vs. A Resume Written By You


Your resume is the most important document in your quest for a greater career path, and it is the most important deciding factor in whether you get the interview call or not. The quality of your resume makes all the difference in getting closer to your dream job, regardless of the level of experience.

Most of the time, we have seen job seekers who prefer to write their own resumes without the help of a professional resume writer. They Google sample resumes that look like something thrown together. If you are also struggling with “Do It Yourself or Invest,” then it is time to make a smart choice.

Do you know why? It is because a resume written by you is very different from a resume written by a professional writer. While you might not be able to notice the difference between what you have written and what a professional has created, the interviewers will pick it up immediately. Here are some of the differences that we would like to point out for better clarity.

The Layout

Do you know the template, design, layout and fonts that can be used while writing a resume? A professional writer knows exactly which template, design and font would suit your profession as well as designation. They know what the hiring managers expect when they glance at your resume. If you fail to stand out from the rest, you will be subjected to the reject list in a matter of seconds.

The Right Candidate Profile

While applying for a job, you know that you are the best candidate. Is your resume also conveying the same message? Does it highlight your key accomplishments or is it undermining your potential? A resume writer with experience knows what to include and what to blot out. He/she will highlight your accomplishments in the best possible light to grab the attention of the hiring managers.

The Norms

There are several norms to writing a resume, like how to use adjectives, modifiers, which keywords to target, and lastly storytelling to get a specific point across that will set you apart from the rest of the candidates who have applied for the same job. To portray you as ‘the most suitable fit’ on a piece of paper is not easy. However, it is an art that resume writers have mastered themselves. They are proficient in extracting the best out of you and putting it on paper, i.e., your resume.

Sound Like A Pro

Does your resume sound like a pro? Not likely! There is the likelihood of it looking like it was written by an amateur who has done the job half-heartedly. You have to show your zeal while sounding like a pro. Why would hiring managers be interested in an amateur? They are looking for an all-rounder who can multitask and take on a host of responsibilities with ease within stringent timelines.


The job search process in itself is a lengthy and tedious process. You need to prepare yourself for tough interviews to land your dream job. While you hone your skills, leave the task of resume writing to the experts who know their job well because it a lifetime investment, which you will never regret having invested in.

Is Your Resume Ready?

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