How Do You Get Your ROI From A Professionally Written Resume?


How often do you see a job posting and think, “Yes! This is the job for me. I have all the skills and expertise and I am fit for this.” However, after applying for the job, you do not get a single email or call and then you try to figure out the reasons for not being shortlisted.

You do seem to be the perfect fit for the position; you have the skills and accomplishments necessary for the role. However, what does your resume say? Does it convey a clear message that you are indeed ideal for the position? What does a recruiter find when he/she looks at your resume? Does it look like something thrown together haphazardly?

You know your strengths and weakness and you think you have done a good job of creating your own resume – have you? Do you paint your own house or fix your car when it is not working? Sometimes, it is wise to get help from professionals and the same holds true for your resume too. You require a perfectly written resume to showcase your personal brand. You will have to invest in a resume initially; however, in the long term, you will get higher returns from that professionally written resume, and here are the benefits of it!

Stand Out From the Crowd

The job market is fiercely competitive. On an average, more than 50 people are applying for the same position. Will your resume make it to the top of the pile or sink down way too low to even be noticed? Only when your resume is noticed is when you get shortlisted and receive a call for an interview. A professionally written resume makes you stand out from the rest, increasing the interview call rates you receive.

Select the Right Keywords For You

Do you know that recruiters use applicant tracking systems, which go through resumes to select the crème-de-la-crème? Is your resume strong enough to get through these systems? Selecting the right keywords is critical in such circumstances. Not everyone is aware of which keywords to target and how to include them in a resume proficiently; however, a professional resume writer is aware of which keywords to use, which perfectly match your career.

Increases Marketability

Job seekers underestimate the value of a professionally written resume. They feel such an investment will not yield any returns. On the contrary, the ROI is even higher than the initial one-time investment you make for your career. If you count the number of days you have to sit and patiently wait to be called for an interview, you will realize the salary forgone. If you get a job in the next three months rather than the next twelve months, the ROI based on the annual salary is definitely higher!


Remember the famous phrase, “Focus on your core competencies?” If your core competency is not resume writing, then it is time to turn to the experts for help. A professional resume writer will write a perfect resume for you, which focuses on your core competencies and accomplishments. So, get professional help and simplify the process of grabbing your dream job!

Is Your Resume Ready?

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