10 Tips To Write A Rocking Resume In The Digital World


In this cutthroat competitive world, it is essential to have all the desired skills and stay ahead of your competitors. But do you often feel that even though you are qualified you are still missing opportunities that could change your life? If so, then maybe it’s not You who are the problem but your Resume! It might be time you worked on your resume too instead of just sharpening your skills. Digital technology has indeed transformed the resume short listing process. Only a good resume stuffed with keywords and free of grammatical errors is noticed. Here are 10 great tips and tricks to writing a rocking resume that will help you sail through and succeed.

1. Keyword Is the Key

As we said, technology has changed the procedure for short-listing a resume. Instead of going through resumes one by one, computers scan the resumes for particular keywords required for the post. For instance, if you are into analytics, then relevant keywords like Analyst, SAS, Hadoop, R, SQL, MATLAB, etc., will help you to get short-listed. Be careful to include all these keywords in your resume, otherwise you might face rejection in the very first stage.

2. Keep it Short and Relevant

If you draft a resume with irrelevant job responsibilities running into numerous pages, guess where it will go? Into the trash can! Remember, thousands of candidates send their resumes for the same job post. Employers do not have time for reading stories! Before applying for a job, think carefully about what’s relevant for the position, what skills you need to focus on and what duties you need to include. Clear the clutter of your work history and just add the relevant ones. Including the relevant values will lead you to success.

3. Make it Digital And Mobile Friendly

Most of the time, you need to share your resume digitally. Create your resume in such a way that it can be easily uploaded, downloaded as well as scanned without any fuss. The recruiters are also hiring through their mobile devices. A job market survey by Jobvite reveals that a mobile is the burgeoning channel for candidate engagement and so more recruiters are using it.

4. Add Hyperlinks

If you are emailing or uploading your resume for any post, then why not add hyperlinks of your work? Do you have any clue how it helps? They dig deeper into your achievements. That’s again a sure shot way to attract the attention of recruiters and hiring managers. However, be careful to remove the links when you take a printout for your face-to-face interview.

5. Take Social Media Seriously

Recruiters are focusing more on social recruitment as they find it easy to target candidates, engage with them and evaluate their talents. According to a study by Jobvite, around 55% of recruiters have reconsidered a candidate’s profile after going through their social profiles. Avoid sharing any information that is not professional on these sites.

6. Targeted Approach Clears the Confusion

A targeted approach to build your resume will help you to increase engagement with the employers. You need to have a strategy for that. First, you need to determine the job target. Then, you need to build up a summary emphasizing your expertise and skills you have for the target. Subsequently, add keywords relevant to the job. Lastly, in compliance with that include the challenges, actions and results that your experience holds.

7. Incorporate Passions

Don’t forget to add your passions in your resume. Passions mean hobbies that you love to do in your free time. So, if you love to play chess or tennis just include that. However, refrain from anything that’s political or religious. By including your hobbies, recruiters get to know more about you as a person.

8. Customization

Do you apply for all job posts with the same resume? That is the worst decision ever! Every job is different, so why should you apply with the same resume? Instead, customize your resume to target each employer. Do your research about the company as well as the job responsibility. Next, add keywords that are needed while deleting the redundant ones. It’s hard to recreate a resume every time, but it helps when you put in that extra effort.

9. Don’t Add Misleading Facts

Companies nowadays conduct extensive background and reference checks. So, you can’t sail through with your “white lies.” Stretching the dates of your employment or adding experiences you never had is quite risky, as this information is more than likely to surface at some time.

10. Proofread Until Perfect

Proofread your resume until you are more than satisfied with it. A resume with errors is not something that employers take lightly. Always run a spell-check and the content should be grammatically correct.


If you want to climb the career ladder of success, you need to start from the basics. Even before meeting up with you, employers know you through your resume. Write the best one to get the best offer.

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