The Roadmap To A Better Resume: What The Google HR Says!

The Roadmap To A Better Resume: What The Google HR Says!

Do you find yourself going over your resume a million times before actually applying for your dream job? You check for typos, grammatical errors, the right keywords vs. the wrong ones, the alignment, etc. before you think you have done a wonderful job. However, your phone is not exactly buzzing with calls for interviews, which leaves you puzzled, wondering what exactly went wrong!

According to Google HR, Laszlo Bloc, “You might feel like it’s hard to measure your work, but there’s almost always something you can point out that differentiates you from the others.” He points out a simple formula that focuses on your accomplishments and how they should be presented.

Accomplished [X] as measured by [Y] by doing [Z]

In other words, he suggests, “Start with an active voice, numerically measure what you’ve accomplished, provide a baseline for comparison and detail what you do to achieve your goal.” To break this down, he gives two descriptions of the same work to point out which one looks better on a resume:

  1. Studied financial performance of companies and made investment recommendations.
  2. Improved portfolio performance by 12% ($1.2M) over one year by refining cost of capital calculations for information-poor markets and re-weighting portfolios based on resulting valuations.

Clearly, the numeric percentage and the dollar value, which shows improvement, are more powerful than the first example. According to him, “It adds credibility and gives insight into your strengths.” To support his views, he has given an example of resumes in different domains. It goes as follows:

Finance or Consulting Professional

If you are a finance or consulting professional, add values that show how you helped in cost reduction or revenue generation. Example:

  • Negotiated 30% ($500k) reduction in costs with XYZ to perform post-delivery support by designing and using results from an online auction of multiple vendors.

Sales Support Associate

The resume of a sales support associate gets better with valuable inputs such as achieved target. For instance:

  • As a team member, contributed to 21% increase in advertiser spend by achieving 158% of target number of customer contacts (80 contacts per week) and 192% of target interaction depth (20 minutes per customer).

Candidates with skill-based resumes

Skilled professionals can add details like achieving awards for excellence in the company that shows their zeal. Take a look at the example provided by Laszlo Bloc:

  • Skills: Excellent customer service skills and positive attitude as demonstrated by receiving employee of the month in four consecutive months in 2014.

Logistics expert

Logistics experts can utilize the scope of adding numeric values to the fullest by adding cost savings, reducing returns, targeted outsourcing. etc. Have a look at the example that the Google HR provided:

  • Achieved 30% logistics cost savings ($900k) over five years by reducing returns (-8%), use of overtime (-7%), excess and obsolete inventory (-5%), and through targeted outsourcing (-10%).

Marketing manager

The duties of a marketing manager encompass developing long as well as short-term goals while leading the team from the forefront. For a resume to be a well-rounded one, marketing managers need to add how many team members he/she handled, the strategy he followed and how it contributed to the overall sales improvement. The example will help you better understand it:

  • Studied the branding and marketing strategies of XYZ. Analyzed the pricing strategies of XYZ in comparison to competitors.
  • Led a cross-functional 10-member team to develop and implement a global advertising strategy for $X million for XYZ brand, resulting in a 25-point increase in brand recall, 12% improvement in the net promoter score, and contributing to 18% year-over-year sales improvement ($XM).

Recruiters Love the Specificity

Laszlo Bloc emphasizes that most of the recruiters love specificity. He says that “Served 85 customers per day with 100% accuracy” sounds good, even if the customers are people you rang up at a grocery store. He adds, “It’s even more impressive if you can add, “…compared to an average of 70 customers at 90% accuracy for my peers.” Providing data helps. Making it meaningful with a comparison helps even more.


To get calls you need to show your achievements in the best possible light. It helps when you provide more details, facts and data on your resume. Yes, sometimes it is difficult to quantify your work. However, according to Laszlo Bloc, “There’s almost always something you can point to that differentiates you from the others.” That is the only way recruiters will call you for the interview over a hundred other competitors who have applied for the same job.

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