Things You Should Never Fudge On Your Resume


Often you are so desperate that you take some unethical measures to be noticed in the employment market. Sometimes, you are tempted to add false information regarding your work experience or grades to get shortlisted.

However, according to recruiters, you are playing a risky game. Eventually, while screening and performing background checks, you will be caught and that will lead to disqualification. In the age of social media, how would you find your dream job with a bad reputation?

Recruiters point out that jobseekers should be very careful about the information they provide and should not include inaccurate details in their resume or cover letter regarding the following:

Gaps in Education and Experience

Are you covering up long gaps in your career by adding wrong employment dates or courses you never even attended? You must keep in mind that this sort of infringement will eventually land you in trouble. Companies do not recruit employees before performing thorough background checks on them. They leave no stones unturned when it comes to digging up information.

They will definitely find out the truth when they contact your previous companies as well as institutes. If you have done some volunteer work in that period of time, go ahead and mention it; however, do not provide false information. Include the exact dates of your employment and educational qualifications.

Past Roles and Titles

Surveys reveal that candidates mostly do lie about their past roles and titles. Candidates twist their past job titles and roles in order to match the role they are aspiring for.

They might feel their past job title understates their contribution and makes them unfit for the job they are applying for; however, it will not help you as a job seeker other than land you in more trouble.

Previous Salaries

If you feel you are underpaid then you must negotiate with your future employer about your expectations. You can justify that you are not being compensated according to your experience and skills.

There is absolutely no need to misstate your past salary. Recruiters take that as a serious offence and will add you to their permanent reject list.


Be it technical skills or soft skills; admit to the skills you possess. If you think a specific skill is required for a particular role and you do not possess that skill, then go ahead and enroll yourself in a course or try to learn it on your own on YouTube or by surfing the net. You can always explain to employers how you are garnering these skills.

Even if you manage to outwit the applicant tracking system (ATS) with wrong information by using keywords smartly, you will be caught during the interview. Interviewers can tell immediately whether you possess the required skills or not by your expression and answers.


There is no shortcut to fame. You have to work hard to get your dream job. Be honest to yourself and the employers and you will be able to find a place for yourself. Do not provide false information on your resume or cover letter. There is no place for such transgressions in this brutal employment world, and it may cost you high-paying jobs that you have dreamt of for ages.

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