What To Exclude When Writing A Resume


We come across many resumes that are 9-10 pages long! Candidates try to include every single job responsibility in their career of 25 years. They even describe the expectations for his/her next role. These candidates apply for numerous jobs but don’t even get shortlisted by recruiters!

Do you know where the problem lies? It’s not that they are incompetent or don’t have the necessary skills; they all have a wealth of experience and skills. The problem is the length of the resume that adds them to the reject list. Why?

Recruiters have to go through thousands of resumes in a day. They can spend only 30 seconds on average to browse through a resume. When they see a resume that is 9-10 pages long, they don’t even bother reading it and throw it in the trash bin.

So, why include information that only adds pages but no value to your resume? Your resume should be clean, simple and to the point. Before you forward your resume to the recruiters, check this list below to see if your resume is fit to undergo the test.

Negative Comments about Your Ex-Boss, Colleagues or Organizations

Recruiters don’t take any responsibility in managing relationships. Then why bother them with negative reviews about your ex-employer, colleagues or organization? Hence, exclude any kind of negative comments from the entire interview process – from your resume as well as your cover letter.

Salary Expectations

If the salary expectation is on the higher side, the employers can reject it even before you get a chance to say, “Yes, it’s negotiable”! Therefore, in your resume, you can say ‘salary is negotiable’ or ‘expectations in line with industry standards’. Once you have cleared all the rounds of the interview process and have nailed the position, you can be specific about the amount you expect in the new job role.

Too Much Personal Information

There is no need to include too much personal information like marital status, children, religion or any disability. It doesn’t add any value to your resume. Your resume should only speak of the professional aspect of your life and not anything personal.

Gaps in Experience/Educational Qualifications

A gap in work experience or educational qualification reflects badly on your resume. The employer might wonder about your professionalism or might see it as your unwillingness to work. So, you can add any certification courses or other courses you might have done during that time.

For instance, if you have a gap of 6 months in your resume and you completed a short-term course during that time, it would be better to add that rather than leaving it blank. For example:

Financial Analyst, TCS
January 2009 – March 2014

Certification Course on R, ATI
March 2014 – September 2015


Unless you run in marathons or are a chess champion, there is no need to add any of your hobbies. Definitely, you might enjoy reading novels and listening to music, but all that is not at all relevant in this regard. You can strike it from your resume.

Funky Email Id’s

Do you have email id’s like spammyjohn@gmail.com or virusdsouza@gmail.com? These type of id’s go down well with friends, but in a professional circle, it’s a strict no-no. Employers are less likely to respond to them. Instead of funky email id’s, set up a formal email id like sarah.jones@gmail.com. Also, Avoid using joint id’s like sarahandjohn@gmail.com. It’s better to use your distinctive personal email id.


What’s the point in adding the phrase “references available on request?” If the hiring manager specifically asks for your personal or professional references, then you can provide the details. Otherwise, it’s not necessary to add references to your resume, as it’s not relevant to the job unless mentioned.


Are you writing your own resume? Are you aware of what else can be excluded from your resume?

Is Your Resume Ready?

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