Yes, You Can Write, But Can You Market Yourself Effectively?


Yes, that is true; you can write your own resume. You can Google some sample resumes, download a few of them, copy-paste it in a new document, make some changes and you can get a resume that you can call your own, hypothetically!

However, in reality and technically speaking, do you think resume writing means just copying some words from somewhere? Do you think it is as simple as that? Well, it is not! When you talk of a resume, it is something that depicts yourself as a brand, as an expert in your field. It attracts your ideal employer by revealing just how much potential you have and how much you can contribute to their business.

And that is the essence of marketing yourself in this cutthroat competitive world. Therefore, are you marketing yourself effectively? If no, then here is when a professional resume writer comes into the scene. He/she will not only write your resume but also market it well, and this is how it happens:

The Right Tone

Do you know that most of the resumes are rejected just because the hiring managers do not get the right tone? If you start you career objective as, “I am looking for a challenging role,” you will be rejected right there. Reason? The pronoun “I” is not used in a resume. A resume writer knows the exact tone you need with your experience and expertise and writes the resume in that tone.

The Right Keywords

Targeting the right keywords is like highlighting the “Hire Me” points. Many job seekers fail to receive interview calls because they do not have any idea about which keywords to target and how to put them across in the resume. Experienced professional writers are aware of which keywords to target and how to include them in your resume. They will add all the relevant keywords efficiently, so that your resume stands out from the rest.

The Passion

Does your resume portray you as someone who is passionate about your work or does it sound like a run-of-the-mill kind of job seeker? If you show your passion in your resume, it will clearly set you apart from your competitors. Employers like people who have passion because they know you are working for more than just the paycheck. You are someone who is willing to put in all your effort and time to provide quality work within stringent timeframes.

The Achievements

Are you belittling your achievements in your resume? Even if you are doing so, you might not be able to spot it. Professional resume writers, on the other hand, are experts who know the achievements that need to be highlighted. They can look at your resume in an unbiased way and are experienced in understanding your key achievements. They will highlight your achievements in the best possible light, so that you get closer to your dream job.


Resume writing is not just about writing but also marketing yourself where you need to sell your skills efficiently. Everyone has skills; however, you need to stand out from 100 other applicants. Your resume needs to market yourself as the best fit for the job you have applied for. Eliminate the trial and error methods. Save money and time by investing in a professional resume writer because you will soon realize it was worth every penny you spent.

Is Your Resume Ready?

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